Customer Referrals, a Win-Win-Win

Your customer gets rewarded, their friends discover your store and get a discount, you make more sales and grow your business!

how it works

A customer buys something from your store.

We send them a message reflecting your store's value proposition asking them to share with friends.

They share a coupon or incentive with their friends and they also receive a reward themselves.
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Features to setup your referral program in seconds!


Targeted Emails

A marketing campaign is only as good as the audience you’re targeting. Decide who you want to reach, not how. We guide you through this first step with easy to follow customer templates.

target customer screenshot

ab testing screenshot


Quickly compare different campaigns

Test different campaign messages and offers and let the data tell you which ones work best.

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Multiple Touch Points

Sometimes you have to ask more than once Forewards triggers referral messages at the most impactful times in the customer journey to maximize your word of mouth.

Referral Stats

    Seasonal and Custom Email Templates

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  • email templateemail template
  • email templateemail template
  • email templateemail template

Watch the magic happen

Check out this short video to see how easy setting up a refer a friend program is with Forewards .

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