5 Social Media Hacks to Spice Up Your Ecommerce Marketing

Hack your ecommerce marketing

It’s by far the biggest challenge of running an online business. Getting enough traffic to your website. Every marketing tactic, and marketing channel really boils down to one singular objective. Getting more traffic through the site. The more traffic there is, the more potential sales there are. The more traffic there is, the better the data you’ll have to use when optimizing your pages. You could say it’s the number one more important metric for your online store.

Here are 5 simple social media hacks to spice up your ecommerce marketing:

1. Timing is everything

Like many things in life, once you get your social media presence up and running, the different between just being there, and making social media a real money maker is timing. The folks over at Buffer have put together quite a lot of research from their user base about the when’s and why’s of social media to really squeeze the most value out of every tweet, post and share.

Would you believe that Facebook engagement has been shown to be 32% higher on weekends? If you think about it, that makes sense when we’re not at work, surfing on the couch and browsing social media is an almost perfect downtime activity.

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Forewards Has Been Launched – Up Up and Away!


It’s been a busy week here for our team. Low and behold one thing we’ve neglected to do is announce to you, our loyal blog subscribers the biggest news of all.

Forewards has now been officially launched. The app has been available to use for a little while now but mostly it’s been in Beta form. We’ve listen to all our early users and added in everything we could fit into the app for you. But we’re still at the tip of the iceberg. We aspire to make Forewards THE BEST referral marketing platform on the market for online and ecommerce businesses. With all your help we think we can make that happen.

Come check us out. We’re offering a 45 day free trial, so you’ll have plenty of time to put us through our paces, and enough time to see that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to customer referral and refer a friend driven word of mouth marketing.

In the meantime. Here is our “Formal” press release.


Toocoo, ranked as the second fastest growing company in Canada by the Branham Group, announced today the launch of Forewards referral marketing software for Shopify.

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I hate advertisers, you hate advertisers, we all hate advertisers!

Turns out that Americans really dislike advertisers. A lot.

In fact, the folks at MarketingCharts recently compiled some research from the Gallup organization showing that the Advertising and Public Relations industry was only held in a positive regard by 37% of respondents. That puts advertisers below Bankers and the Pharmaceutical industry in terms of consumer trust! Wow.

Don't Trust Advertisers!

So what are businesses to do, if they can’t turn to or focus on traditional advertising routes for marketing and gaining trust in your products and services?

Turn to your users and customers. When it comes to word of mouth and real customer reviews, consumers really do trust each other.

Research from Neilson proves this. Interestingly, not only do consumers trust recommendations from friends and family the most (that should be a no brainer) they also trust online reviews from complete strangers ahead of other forms of advertising too.

Influential advertising

What does this mean for your Shopify business?

Try to engage your users whenever you can to help you with both of these things. Word of mouth and online reviews.

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How to Ask For Referrals

If you’ve bought into the power and positive influence that positive word of mouth can have on your business, the next sensible topic you’ll want to look into is how to ask for referrals in the first place.

Have no fear. In an ongoing effort to be your go to resource for customer referral and refer a friend program best practices, we’ve put together this great infographic walking you through what a customer referral workflow might look like.

Still have more questions about how this stuff might work, or how it might help your particular Shopify business? Give us a shout in the comments below.

Forewards customer referral program workflow


Referral Program Template

We talk a lot about customer referral programs on this blog. Makes sense, it’s our thing. But one aspect we haven’t spent much time covering is what a great referral program template might look like from end to end.

Said another way, what’s a template for a customer referral program that works?

You asked. We deliver.

The first thing to note about constructing a referral program is it’s often not what you ask that’s the most important thing, it’s how you ask it. When it comes to how you ask customers to refer your online business or Shopify store, there are two main elements. The functional How (that is the words you use and how you write and design the calls to action), and there is also the How of “How often”. Our philosophy is that with most things in life you should aim to ask more than once. People don’t often respond to a request the first time you ask them (ask anyone who is married… ZING!).

So with those two things in mind, here we go.


Touchpoint #1: Initial Purchase

Upon making a purchase here is your first opportunity to ask for a referral. At this time the customer may still be feeling the excitement of having discovered your store or products. Take advantage of this moment of goodwill and see if they might be willing to share some of that happiness with their friends.

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